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- Easy to learn and fun puzzle game

- A lot of different game mechanics. Over 30!
- Bombs, Ice, Teleports, Grow blocks, Gates and doors, Buttons and switches, Sensors, Crystals, Plague, Spikes and many more
- Explosions of stuff. Some of mechanics create chain reactions.
- Create your own levels in the level editor and share with other players
- Sci-fi style and story
- Original electronic music soundtrack supporting the game's atmosphere
- Story level packs, regular level packs, and user levels to play
- Good flow of the difficulty
- In-game hints

You might find the game similar to - Slayway Camp, Tomb of The Mask, AMAZE, Roller Splat, Ninja Painter, and so on. But Orbox game series came out much earlier. The very first Orbox game released in 2004(Russian version). And the English version released in 2005. It was the first popular puzzle of this type. And it made this type of puzzles popular.

Me(Arseniy Shklyaev) came up with the idea of the puzzle by myself around 1996. I coded it on ZX Spectrum back then.

The game has a very classic feeling to it. And it is kinda classic game series. Because the very first Orbox was the first popular puzzle game of this type. What's unique about the game is that it has a lot of game mechanics and thoughtful level design. Combinations of mechanics can create so much different situations. We try to find all kind of different approaches to design levels. Keeping the game interesting to play and entertaining. The score system has 3 types - scores, steps, time. Most of the levels can be solved different ways. One way is the best score and the other way is the best steps. Those ways are usually different paths to find.

The story takes place in distant outer space. You play as the pilot of the Orbox. Orbox is a giant machine designed to navigate inside of the Net. The Net is mysterious structure once was a perfect home for humans.  Hundreds of years have passed since people had to leave the Net. After the great disaster. Now you are on the mission inside of the Net. Discovering the new place it has become. But things might be not as they seems.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 15, 2019
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, blocks, Cyberpunk, Explosions, Level Editor, maze, Sci-fi, slide, Space
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Russian


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Orbox B Rebirth for Windows v1.4.22 111 MB
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Orbox B Rebirth for Linux v1.4.22 138 MB

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I'm normally not a huge fan of puzzle games because I'm not good at them but this was genuinely really fun!! Thank you so much for getting in touch and recommending your game!


Awesome Game!!!

The best puzzle game!!!

Thank you!


Now this is what I call a fun time killer! Puzzle goodness

Hehe :) Thank you very much! :)


I played a little bit of the first level and had a blast! 

Ok i'll try it for you. :)

feed back is great - the sound and shake when you fly off the screen or hit a block

music is good and I like the spacey backgrounds

picked up on the core game play mechanic very quickly and it did not feel like a choir to figure out

I found this level to be a massive difficulty spike

also this level was very close to being a quiting point for me

i forgot to screen shot, but level 14 was a welcome break from pace

I ended up playing this for fair bit longer then i intended to (quit when a family member needed a hand) -so that has to be a good sign

You must of put in a lot of effort making this and it shows.  I am a amateur game makerer' my self and i know that would of taken me a lot of time and effort,  I'm impressed!.  You could probably monetize this game (further?).

Some thing that might make it better-

A few breaks from game play, do remember how in old pacman there would be a small cartoon cut-scene every few levels?  They were silly and seem meaningless on the surface, but they serve a purpose - relief. 

Also i was going to say add a hint system, but right before i quit i played a round a bit and realized you already had one!  Good idea since the game gets pretty challenging (also well done for coming up with such challenging levels).

In conclusion, you should be very happy with your self, its a very solid game and I was genuinely surprised by the quality.  I only started with itch.io a few days ago and i expected the quality of games to be only around about the same level I could make my self, but this was a lot more polished than I expected.

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You played a random level pack. They are not supposed to have learning curve. The learning curve is in Story level packs. Also the "Classic" pack is from 2006, and it has little number of mechanics. If you started from "Beginner" pack it would be very different experience.

By the way in story level packs, there are dialogues. They works a bit like cutscenes too.

Thank you for checking out and providing feedback!

Oh whoops, I assumed i was playing the main game, oh well.

I'll give the main story mode a go tomorrow :)

Well, if you not tired of it. I hope that is not bother. Also if you will have ideas of which things we could sell for in-game currency(coins can be obtained in game, crystals are only to buy with in-app) that would be cool. So far we think of skins and few more things. It's hard to tell which one people would really like in a  logic game.

Just played through the beginner pack.

You've done a good job introducing mechanics incrementally.

Also liked how there were some more cathartic levels thrown in like the one where you hit one bomb and set off a chain to destroy the whole map.

This is defiantly a better way to start out the game, maybe you should put the extra levels I was playing the first time behind a unlock achievement to stop noobs like me from just clicking whatever to get to the meat of the game :P

Overall my impression of the game has stayed positive, a very well done little game.

I was thinking about that. We have overall stars sum in there. And some packs could be unlocked only when the stars sum would reach a certain point.

Thanks for testing the beginner pack!

You send one email to me, thanks for this.

I will record you game for sure.

By SoldadoKeithOnlineSF

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Thanks! Looking forward for it!

[edit] I see it, thanks!

Made a video

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One of you talks like a guy from Helix Loaded!

It's so flippin' hard, but I love it!
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Thanks! Well, it's hard to get 3 stars. Not to solve levels.

I'm a bit obsessive like that.

Nice fun game and looks great.

Glad you like!